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How the Belt and Road initiative is bringing countries together

    The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held from May 14 to 15 in Beijing. About 29 heads of state and government will participate, as well as over 70 leaders of international organizations, 100 ministerial-level officials from around the world and 1,200 other delegates from various countries and regions.
    Chinese President Xi Jinping first brought up his "Silk Road Economic Belt" initiative on a visit to Kazakhstan in 2013 and later proposed building a "21st Century Maritime Silk Road."
    Over the past three years, the One Belt and One Road initiative has had an impact on every country along the road, which together are home to over half the world’s population.
    The proposed economic belt is considered the longest economic corridor in the world, connecting the Asia-Pacific region in the esat with the developed European economies in the west. The countries involved have a population of over 4.4 billion people and a combined GDP of 21 trillion dollars.
    September 2013-The Silk Road Economic Belt concept is first introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a speech delivered at Nazarbayev University during his visit to Kazakhstan.
    October 2013-President Xi offers guidance on constructing a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to promote international maritime cooperation.
    November 2014-President Xi announces that China will contribute 40 billion dollars to set up a Silk Road Fund to finance Belt and Road projects.
    March 2105-China releases an action plan on the principles, framework, and cooperation priorities and mechanism of the Belt and Road initiative.
    January 2016-The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-initiated multilateral bank to support the initiative, starts operations.
    May 2017-China will host The Belt and Road forum for International Cooperation in Beijing.






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